The "Made in Italy NYC Ltd." was founded in 2004 by Francesco Mo and co-founder Francesco Belcaro. Both young co-founders shared the same views and were interested in creating a network of new friendly relationships. Their abilities in public relations, communication and their genuine spirit did the rest. Counting on their outstanding communicative and marketing skills, they then decided to unite with other Italian friends to create an international network of people whose goal was to promote and market Italian brands in the USA.

The ultimate objective of the initiative was to merge the New York multi-culture with the Italian flair of which they felt very proud representatives. Before the actual formation of the team, the co-founders Mo and Belcaro had been long time friends, sharing a common dynamic lifestyle. They both felt the need of creating something that could have brought an innovation into the every day's life of a tough and competitive city like New York.

The Crew

"Together is better". We believe in the importance of teamwork and on the input of each member of the crew.

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